Advocate, knowledge sharing and network organization for local authorities, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities, asks Minister Lydia Peeters to postpone the launch date of basic accessibility by 6 months. Several local administrations are involved to care about the too tight timing of the process to basic accessibility. After a thorough analysis of the issues surrounding the operational timing of the launch of basic reachability by the Transport Region Operation Support Platform, VVSG asks to support the position of the Executive Board of March 4, 2021 and to postpone the launch date by 6 months until July 1, 2022. 

Local authorities want to offer a total solution as an alternative to the current public transport. Every link is crucial in this. The transport regions have conditionally approved the core network and additional network. VWSG believes the extra months will be needed after the awarding process for the tender for the mobility center and tailor-made transport, to get the new means of transport and support services operational, and to take care of communication with travelers.

mobi bath

At the digital mobibad 2021 in collaboration with MOW, VSV and Inter, you received more information about the master plan for accessibility of the Flemish government. Did you miss the mobibad? Don't worry, you can do all sessions at your own pace review

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