SBS6 will come back with a new program format with Dutch celebrities from Monday 3 May. In the program “I take you along” a number of well-known faces of the channel act as private drivers for ordinary Dutch people who are on their way to an unusual event. They transport unknown people to an unusual, special or important event in their life. This is how Johnny de Mol drives in the new program of 'Talpa Entertainment Productions'a 10-year-old girl to the children's hospital, to make her happy with a wonderful surprise afterwards. Wendy van Dijk is looking for the wedding dress of her dreams together with a bride-to-be and Jeroen van der Boom gives a diamond couple an unforgettable day.

May 3 on SBS6 at 21.30pm

In addition, Britt Dekker, Gordon, Winston Gerschtanowitz and Dennis van der Geest also get behind the wheel as private drivers. During the ride, the passengers tell their story. 'Ik Neem Je Mee' can be seen from Monday 3 May on SBS6 at 21.30 pm.

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Talpa Entertainment
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