Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, invests heavily in smooth and safe traffic. Central to this are investments in cycling infrastructure, road safety and sustainability. Tongeren is also reaping the benefits of this. With, among other things, the realization of the N730 bicycle tunnel and tackling the bicycle paths in Baversstraat, Lydia Peeters guarantee the inhabitants of Tongeren more bicycle safety. It also wants to keep through and heavy traffic away from the center of Tongeren, the ramparts (R72) and the station area via bypass roads.

“The choice of the diversion structure was preceded by years of discussion. We are now rightly taking into account many ecological concerns when implementing the bypass roads. The long study period is over and we are delighted that the spade will soon be ready for use. The fact that the budgets have now been set is therefore a guarantee of rapid implementation. The works are more than the construction of new traffic infrastructure. The bypass roads will keep through traffic and freight traffic away from the center and ensure less cut-through traffic in the surrounding villages. We also make Tongeren safer, more beautiful and more bicycle-friendly at the same time. ”

Patrick Dewael, mayor of Tongeren

In order to keep through and heavy traffic away from the center of Tongeren, the ramparts (R72) and the station area, bypass roads are being built. This creates more space for bicycles and greenery and we also create more liveability. 4 million euros will be invested in the southeastern diversion road. For example, the Minister wants to keep freight traffic out of the center and give more quality of life to the residents of Wijkstraat, Dijk and Leopoldwal.

In addition, 6,5 million euros is provided for the implementation of the Northeastern diversion road and 100.000 euros will also be invested for bicycle paths on the Molenweg. For example, the AZ Vesalius hospital will be more accessible from Hoeselt, Bilzen and Riemst and we will put an end to cut-through traffic by constructing a connection between Bilzersesteenweg and Maastrichtersteenweg.

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