It's always handy to have an app on your phone that allows you to call a taxi or book a ride when you need it. There are plenty of taxi apps, but most of them only aim to let the customer book a ride. Nevertheless, these apps should not only be intended to allow the customer to make his trip booking, they should offer more for both the customer and the driver. The Eindhoven company Pitane BV last week brought a number of Pitane Arrive and Pitane Driver updates to the store with surprising new options in terms of driver and customer safety.

The great alternative to the on-board computer and answer to the provision of extra services is Pitane Driver. This app offers by far all the possibilities that one can expect. There are several payment options, such as cash, credit card or easy payment with iDeal or Tikkie. The customer also has extra options in the free Pitane Arrive App. While you wait for your ride, you can see the location of the car on the map and know in advance who is coming. 

no stranger

The driver is no stranger either, because in the app the customer can, if desired by the transport company, see the driver in advance, so that he or she knows who they are boarding. You can rest assured that you will be picked up by an official taxi driver, because the app only uses qualified and certified drivers from many regional taxi companies from Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Leuven, Antwerp and Brussels. Seeing who the driver is gives more confidence to the customer, but also to the driver, because he can also see in advance who is getting on with him. Finally, the driver's pass must also be visible to the customer in the taxi, so why not in the customer's app. And the customer decides whether he wants to show his profile picture to the driver.

security in question

More and more often we see one in the big cities wild west with taxis. Companies like Uber are pushing the boundaries of the rules and breaking them. Fraud, Uber Account Dealing, and Insufficient Rest Time for Uber Drivers. Moreover, these Uber drivers work very hard and can hardly earn a decent living. Much of the benefits benefit Uber and the burden on drivers. Of course ordering a taxi via an app has many advantages. It is safe if you know who the taxi driver is and how long he has been working on his shift. But Uber also ignores the rules. The trade in Uber accounts shows that again. Again, this is not Uber's responsibility and they are passing it off again. 

This way you as a customer cannot know whether the driver can bring you home safely. Our advice is to use a recognized regional taxi company and make sure you have a good app in your pocket such as Pitane Arrive, or find a driver with a Pitane Driver App. Then you know at least that booking, payment and security are well organized.

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