Earlier this week, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) asked Minister Peeters to postpone the launch date of basic accessibility by 6 months and GTL is not satisfied with that. In a press release they ask not to postpone the startup base reachability again. Postponement would mean an extra blow to the Flemish taxi sector. Public transport in Flanders is facing a historic revolution. In January 2022, the decree on basic accessibility in the field will come into effect, replacing the old supply-driven model with a demand-driven model.

“In addition, taxi companies must invest in new mandatory equipment and software to be able to transmit the price and travel data from the vehicle in real time to an application of the Flemish Government ... Finding suitable systems is not easy for many companies and it implies extra costs in vehicles that have largely not been in use for a year due to lack of work! Can Flanders use part of the European subsidies for this? "

Pierre Steenberghen, Secretary General GTL

previously postponed for a year

People have already had a long way to go: the concept of basic accessibility was already included in the Flemish coalition agreement of 2014-2019, in December 2015 there was a concept memorandum, which much later, in 2019, resulted in a decree. The bottom layer of tailor-made demand-based transport, say the implementation of the 'last mile', has already been postponed by a year (from December 2020 to January 2022) because the transport regions had not temporarily completed their transport plans, in consultation with the municipalities. .

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V-Tax Ghent
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