Last year, cars were broken into by 6,7 percent compared to a year earlier. This decrease was strongest in the province of Limburg, where even 22,3 percent fewer car burglaries were registered. It is striking that there was more frequent burglary in the months outside the lockdown than in the same months in 2019. This and more is shown by an analysis by Independer based on police data.

Decrease in the number of car burglaries is related to corona measures

The corona measures seem to have a strong influence on the number of car burglaries. For example, the number of burglaries in cars during the first lockdown in 2020 decreased by an average of 16,7 percent, while in January and February the number of incidents increased by 7,7 percent and 12,8 percent, respectively, compared to a year earlier. 

After the first lockdown, the number of car burglaries increased again. In the months of July to September, an average of 9,1 percent more incidents were reported than in 2019. During the current lockdown, car burglars are again less likely to go out. From October 2020 to February 2021, cars were broken into an average of 28,7 percent less than in the same period a year earlier.

Number of car burglaries decreased in nine counties

After Limburg, there were also significant decreases in Groningen (-21,6 percent), Flevoland (-19,5 percent) and Friesland (-19,0 percent) compared to the year before. The number of car burglaries rose the fastest in Zeeland, namely by 54,7 percent. A large increase was also seen in Drenthe (30,5 percent). 

Reimbursement depends on the type of insurance
Eelko van Dijk, loss adjuster at independer: “If you only have third party insurance, unfortunately you will not receive any reimbursement through your car insurance in the event of theft. Limited-hull or full-hull auto insurance usually offers standard cover for accessories. The maximum reimbursement varies enormously: € 500 to € 5.000. With a number of insurers, accessories are even insured indefinitely ”.

Accessories are the stuff built in by the car manufacturer. Consider, for example, the airbag, built-in navigation system or audio equipment. These accessories are insured as part of the car's catalog value.

Eelko Van Dijk, claims expert at Independer: “Accessories built-in later, such as a stereo system or separate amplifier or sound boxes, can be insured up to a certain amount. Loose items such as a phone or sunglasses are not covered by your car insurance. In some cases you can claim your home contents insurance for this. ”

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