ENSCHEDE (ANP) - Twente Airport is instituting summary proceedings against the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) because of disagreements about the three remaining jumbo jets that Lufthansa has parked at the airport. It was previously agreed with the inspection that they must leave before the end of June, but the airport wants them to be able to stay longer.

The airport has a parking contract with Lufthansa until the end of June next year. Twente Airport fears that if the Boeing 747 aircraft have to depart before that time, the German airline will deposit the bill for the transfer at the airport due to a breach of contract. The damage to Twente Airport could then amount to 800.000 euros.

“I regret having to take another government organization to court as a public organization,” says Jeroen Diepemaat, chairman of the airport site. "But all things considered, we see no other solution to prevent major and unnecessary damage to society." A spokeswoman for the inspectorate says she regrets the situation and awaits further developments.

Temporary exemption

Jumbo jets have been hassle for some time. Lufthansa parked six of these impressive aircraft at Twente airport last summer, because there are hardly any long flights due to the corona crisis. But the inspectorate should never have landed there.

When the airport requested permission to let the aircraft depart last year, it was denied because the airport does not meet security requirements. Even then a lawsuit was imminent. That did not happen because the parties had reached an agreement.

In October, the inspection granted Twente Airport a temporary exemption under certain conditions until the end of June for the departure of the Boeings. In the meantime, three aircraft have left. But the airport now wants to have longer time for the other three jumbo jets.

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Cockpit Boeing 747 Lufthansa at Twente Airport
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