Due to the increase in shared transport, the need for an overview has increased. Gaiyo transport app offers users the solution to completely unburden them in their mobility needs, one overview of all travel alternatives and access to transport. As of today, the MyWheels shared cars can be booked and opened directly from Gaiyo.

Gaiyo already offers the most complete overview of shared cars and e-scooters in the Netherlands and now also makes it possible, as the first with MyWheels shared cars, to book and open them directly from the app. For each mode of transport, the user receives relevant information such as rates, availability, walking distance and now also a button to book shared cars directly from the app.

Gaiyo is an innovative Dutch transport app, launched in 2020 by Innovactory, a company that develops smart technological solutions for mobility. The range of (partial) transport options in Gaiyo has been expanding rapidly since its launch. For example, Greenwheels, SHARE NOW, Amber, Stapp.in and now MyWheels have also joined the transport platform. This makes the app a forerunner in mapping shared cars in one app. MyWheels is the second car-sharing provider that Gaiyo has fully unlocked. 

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Innovactory: “We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to use shared transport. We not only show where it is, include it in the route planning and now also make it directly bookable and affordable from one App. We give them a key to all transport ”.

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