The electric car can make a world of difference. And they understand that in Norway. The country expects that the purchase of electric cars will only increase and that all new cars in the Scandinavian country will be electrified by 2025. Norwegians drive electrically en masse, but that is not without reason. This unparalleled success is due to a few factors.

Over 54,9% of all new car registrations in Norway in 2020 were electric cars. This unique situation can be explained by various financial incentives, such as the elimination of VAT (25%) on purchase, the lack of registration tax on EVs and a road tax that is 60 to 70% lower than that of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. .

In Norway it is very attractive to buy an electric car. You do not have to pay toll or parking fees anywhere and you can also use charging stations for free. You also no longer suffer from traffic jams, because you can drive unlimited with your electric car on the taxi and bus lanes. The Norwegian government insists that the tax benefits will not disappear, as almost half of the owners bought an EV to save money. If the tax benefits widen, there is a chance that the electric car market will collapse.

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Fjaerland Norway -EV charging station
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