The combination of vaccination and testing will play an important role in the exit strategy for the current lockdown in the coming months. To participate in certain social events or to travel abroad, one must be able to show at least a negative test result of a PCR test. Until recently, only commercial test lanes could provide this. DVG, the nationally operating franchise organization of taxi and coach operators, is now changing this with a new concept: the COVID-19 TAXI.

COVID-19 TAXI now offers private individuals and companies the opportunity to take a PCR Self-Test at a residential address, whereby both the result and - in case of a negative test result - also the required statement are delivered within 24 hours. DVG has recently concluded an agreement for this purpose with BusyBirds Investments BV, also trading under the name COVID-19 TAXI.

How Does It Work? 

When ordering a PCR Self-Test via the website, the nearest DVG carrier receives the order. The driver drives to the customer and safely delivers the COVID-19-PCR-Self-test kit. The DVG carrier has specially trained its drivers for this service. The PCR Self-Test must be administered by the customer himself, in the presence of the driver. 

The PCR test takes pieces of genetic material through the saliva, on the basis of which the presence of the coronavirus can be detected. The driver then takes the self-test kit back in and takes it to the taxi company. At night, the Covid-19-PCR-Self-test kits are picked up by PostNL and taken to an ISO-certified laboratory. The PCR test is processed here according to the guidelines of the RIVM. After the analysis, the customer receives the result and in case of a negative result, a worldwide accepted (travel) certificate.

COVID-19 TAXI is part of BusyBirds Investment BV, a company specialized in purchasing, importing and reselling products to customers such as AS Watson (including Kruidvat and Trekpleister), Koopjedeal and VakantieVeilingen. Medical Birds, a trade name of BusyBirds BV, has been the official supplier of the PCR saliva test to BrightLabs and Health Mark since the corona crisis.

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Corona Antigen self-test
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