The announced promotions of FNV Spoor on Thursday April 29, Friday April 30 and Saturday May 1 will be canceled. This allows carriers to restart their usual timetable from Thursday. Rail passengers, passenger transporters and freight transporters experienced a lot of inconvenience on Wednesday 28 April due to actions by the FNV Spoor trade union.

The union took action because no agreement had yet been reached with ProRail on a new collective labor agreement. CNV Professionals and VHS Rail professionals previously agreed with ProRail's proposal. In the meantime, an agreement has been reached and all actions have been canceled for the time being.

PRORAIL regrets that rail passengers, passenger transporters and freight transporters may experience a lot of inconvenience as a result. Passenger association Rover understands the importance of a good collective labor agreement, but is asking questions about the necessity of duping passengers with train cancellations and full trains in the midst of a pandemic and is calling for a switch to passenger-friendly campaigns.

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