These are particularly difficult times for starting taxi companies. For many entrepreneurs in all kinds of sectors who have just started on the eve of the pandemic, it is exciting whether they will continue. No story about investments, leases or fixed costs that continue, because there are plenty of them. We all hope that they can quickly leave corona behind and, above all, keep going. 

they continue

My story came about after reading an ad in a local newspaper. A full-page ad from small local entrepreneurs who say they want to continue. From the local greengrocer Van Weenen, the Wereldse Boeken, Travel Store and Zwart fashion shoes, to Rene Muilwijk Modelbouw and Taxi-Privé. They are all entrepreneurs who ask for your support in Gorinchem. But a similar list of names can also be found in your own immediate environment. And the entrepreneurs also ask for your support.

"Nevertheless, we are calling for a taxi to be taken more often. Small entrepreneurs can use your help. They take maximum measures not to infect each other. In our opinion, there are quite fun activities to be found, which they can drive you to. And of course they will also pick you up and we will bring you home safely. "

Right in the heart of Rivierenland and Vijfheerenlanden is one of the entrepreneurs in Gorinchem Taxi-Privé. They do not advertise with an extensive fleet, but mainly have to rely on their personal approach. Of course they drive neat cars and have well-trained drivers, but involvement is much more important. For the real fans, the taxi also drives in Gorkum.

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