The latest Dragonfly TOMP API version 1.2.0 is well on its way to becoming the open standard for integration between Become MaaS providers, Transport Operators, organizations and governments. With this release, TOMP-WG has closely monitored compatibility with the previous version, ensuring that the previously taken path for companies to interconnect remains operational.

Standardized access methods, such as deep link to look up or use resources, and the inclusion of the CROW travel dictionary are some of the new features in addition to some minor updates. The working group (TOMP-WG) is currently attending all major conferences in Europe because the subject TOMP-API is on almost every agenda there. MaaS providers can connect and are happy to use the knowledge and strength of the international working group to streamline their developments and guarantee the mutual exchange of data. 

for the traveler

Finally a standard that makes it possible to market one app from search to booking and from travel to payment. Determine yourself which parts of the journey you want to perform with different service providers. From taxi to public transport, from bicycle to shared car or scooter. Everything at your fingertips.

By using the TOMP API, collaboration with other parties is self-evident. Whether it concerns booking the trip itself or just the 'first or last mile' of the trip, providers experience the standard for connecting their services as a profit in a simple exchange of data. For the traveler himself, not much will change with this new version. 

Many of the innovations take place in the background. For example, the spaghetti of connections between the affiliated market parties in mobility must end. See the TOMP API as a universal plug, regardless of which service you want to communicate with or with which party you want to book the trip order. With the TOMP API, mobility is digitally controlled via a central gateway in just one app on your phone.

About TOMP

The TOMP-WG is a collaborative initiative to create a standard API for the technical communication between Transport Operators and MaaS Providers within the MaaS ecosystem by means of an API (Applicable Programming Interface). The TOMP API is an open standard and is being developed in the working group with public and private parties. Participants are facilitated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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Mobility as a Service
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