Recognized youth organizations can again travel cheaply with a De Lijn bus to their camp site this summer. Thanks to the intervention of the Flemish government, they only pay 1,60 euros per traveler. This discount rate also applies if De Lijn has to introduce a reinforcement ride. Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) and Flemish Minister of Youth Benjamin Dalle (CD&V), together with De Lijn, are committed to this initiative.

“We offer young people who are not yet familiar with De Lijn's services an excellent opportunity to get a taste of safe and sustainable public transport. As Minister of Mobility, I am delighted that in this way I am contributing to a fun summer for young people during this special period. The safety regulations remain the same as on regular transport. ”

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters

If you are traveling to your summer camp with a group of more than 45 people, you can split the group into different rides or you can request a reinforcement ride. Even with a reinforcement ride you still travel at 1,60 euros per person. The Flemish government adjusts the rest of the cost price. There are some rules attached to the application. For example, the journey may be a maximum of 50 km and both the departure and arrival stop must be regular stops of De Lijn. These reinforcement rides can only be started outside peak hours.

From 25 June to 2 September, recognized youth organizations can make use of this cheap formula. Is there a stop near your campsite and you travel in a group of less than 45 peoplethen you can use a landline. With a group ticket you only pay 1,60 euros per traveler. The group ticket must be purchased in advance in the Lijnwinkel or at a ticket machine at the stop, because you can no longer pay with cash on the bus itself. Of course you can also travel with other tickets, for example a Buzzy Pazz or Lijn card.

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with a group ticket you only pay 1,60 euros per traveler
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