People from vulnerable communities can get back and forth to a vaccination center for free by booking through the Uber App. In its charm offensive, the American transportation company Uber is a partnership with the Red Cross started to make sure that anyone who wants to get his or her vaccination against the coronavirus.

“We not only drive elderly people who need it to the location, but also ensure that they are accompanied to the place where the vaccination is taken. This is specifically for people who just need this extra support ”.

Marieke van Schaik, director of the Red Cross

Since the beginning of this year, the Red Cross has already transported thousands of elderly people to and from a vaccination location. These are vulnerable elderly people who have difficulty traveling independently to the location. They are accompanied from seat to seat by our drivers and support staff, so that they can still receive their COVID-19 injection. By helping with transport where necessary, vulnerable elderly people also have the chance to be vaccinated against the corona virus. The elderly who ride along often need extra support.

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volunteer at the Red Cross

As a mentor or driver, you accompany a person seeking help together with your colleague. This always concerns people who can be transported seated, who cannot travel independently and who have no other options for transport on which they can fall back.

The primary task you have is guiding the person, practically one of the two escorts must also be able to drive the vehicle. During transport, special attention is paid to the comfort and state of mind of the client.

Uber app

According to Uber, the company itself takes care of the discount and free rides and the drivers receive the normal compensation. The discount on the rides is available through Uber's mobile application. Those who want to use it must enter the code UBERNL2021 in the app before the trip to the vaccination center is booked.

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"Transport should not be an obstacle in the roll-out of the vaccination campaign. We are proud that we can lend a hand together with the Red Cross. Today we are making € 100.000 available to the Red Cross and we are launching a special promotion for all journeys to and from to vaccination centers. "

Nick Hilhorst -Interim General Manager and Head of Public Policy Northern Europe at Uber
the Red Cross is already helping vulnerable people to get a vaccine
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