The construction of the cycle route between Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom has started. State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management) recently gave the official go-ahead for this to aldermen Cees Lok (Roosendaal) and Patrick van der Velden (Bergen op Zoom). The new cycle route should make the bicycle connection between Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal more comfortable, safer and faster. As a result, commuters will, if possible again, choose the bicycle more often when commuting to and from these two West Brabant municipalities.

National network of cycling routes

The State Secretary and the two aldermen have unveiled a construction sign near the municipal boundary on the plantation road and affixed the F58 logo to the road. The cycle route is part of a national network of cycle routes and should make it more attractive to choose the bicycle.

“The bicycle is rightly a valuable means of transport in our country, in addition to the car and public transport. Cycling is cleaner, more sustainable, quieter and healthy. During corona we started cycling even more, let's hold on to that. For example, towards work, if that is possible again later. This F58 is therefore more than just a new cycle path. It is part of a growing national network of cycle routes, of which there are already about 50 ”.

State Secretary Van Veldhoven.

More people on bicycles

In recent years, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with municipalities and provinces, has invested more than half a billion euros in more cycle routes and good parking facilities at stations. The F58 is one of them.

“In the very first calculations, we assumed about 400 people who will take the bicycle instead of the car or public transport thanks to this F58. But with the growing popularity of cycling, whether electric or not, in combination with the construction of these types of cycle routes and the economic developments in West Brabant, I think there could be many more ".

Alderman Cees Lok.

Economic developments in the region

The cycle route connects a number of business parks and other busy traffic points with each other: the Bergse business park on Marconilaan, business park De Wijper in Heerle / Wouw, De Bulkenaar -where the new regional hospital will be located-, Leisurepark De Stok with the Designer Outlet Roosendaal and the compact city ​​center of Roosendaal. Some pieces of the F58 have already been realized. At the beginning of 2023, the entire route must be designed as a cycle route, according to the national government.

“This cycle route also fits perfectly with the congestion control, the climate objectives and the ambitions in the field of bicycle tourism and the housing challenge in both our municipalities. The F58 is therefore a welcome addition to the infrastructure between our municipalities. And with the municipal organizations as two major employers in the region, there are already at least two important promoters of the F58! ”

Alderman Van der Velden.
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