In the near future, transports with a maximum permissible mass (GVM) of up to 50 tons will be allowed on Flemish roads, under specific circumstances. The Flemish Government has approved this in principle. In order to transport such mass, transporters must meet several strict conditions. These are necessary to protect our infrastructure and to guarantee road safety.

De permissible dimensions and masses for trucks and heavy trailers are set by Europe, but Member States may deviate from this in their territory. In Belgium this is a competence of the regions. Wallonia already decided in 2018 to allow vehicle combinations up to 50 tonnes. This has also been the case in the Netherlands for some time.

“The increase from 44 to a maximum of 50 tons will come after consultation with the transport sector. We thus increase the efficiency of transport and reduce the impact on traffic and the environment. ”

Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works

“We deliberately make that distinction because environmentally friendly technology, such as batteries, adds weight to these vehicles. With this new design we want to make our transport more sustainable and green, and thus work towards better air quality. From 2031, only emission-free vehicles will have a GVW higher than 44 tonnes. We expect that more trucks will run on alternative fuels by then. ”

Lydia Peeters, Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works Tweet

Classically powered vehicles will have a maximum permissible mass (GVM) of up to 48 tonnes in the new legislation. An increase in tonnage up to a maximum of 50 tons is permitted for environmentally friendly and emission-free vehicles. To have a maximum permissible mass of 48 tons, the tow (a group of vehicles that are coupled together to be moved by one and the same force) must meet several conditions.

For Hans Maertens, managing director of Voka, the tonnage increase for trucks is twice as good news. Specialized companies have been asking for some time to adapt the tonnage rules to our neighboring regions. They will also have to send fewer trucks onto the road, which benefits mobility ”

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