Travel industry ANVR, recently in an informative conversation with cabinet informer Ms. Mariëtte Hamer and representatives of other sectors, is calling for a politically clear policy to quickly recover from the major social and economic consequences of the corona pandemic. The travel industry, one of the most affected sectors, makes practical proposals for the short term, but does not shy away from future challenges facing the travel sector and also offers concrete suggestions for the coalition agreement in the long term.

Martine de Knoop, board member of ANVR and director of the travel company The Travel Club, asked for extra help for the travel sector in a frank and good conversation with Mariëtte Hamer for the short term. After 15 months of inactivity and hundreds of thousands of cancellations, the sector is faced with thousands of laid-off workers, bankrupt companies and existing companies that are struggling financially.

"With the extension of NOW and TVL measures, reimbursement of cancellation costs and an allowance for smaller travel companies in particular that are still not covered by the regulations, we can prevent travel companies from going bankrupt - certainly now with the prospect of recovery."

Martine de Knoop, board member of ANVR and director of the travel company The Travel Club.

Hamer clearly expressed his interest in the current situation of the travel industry and indicated that he also wanted to continue to engage in more dialogue with enterprising Netherlands in the future. Social and political discussions about tourism, aviation and responsible travel have frequently made it to the House of Representatives in recent years. The ANVR has submitted 12 very concrete suggestions to Mariëtte Hamer to include them in the coalition agreement.

Travel, in addition to 'fun', contributes to more than 10% of the global economy and 1 in 4 new jobs can be found in the tourism sector; tourism is also a job engine in the Netherlands. In addition, studies have shown that traveling is good for personal well-being. The ANVR therefore advocates a Ministry of Tourism, as already exists in many other countries, in order not to fragment the policy aimed at tourism and leisure across various departments, but to strengthen it.

The ANVR has previously expressed its disappointment about the Aviation Memorandum, because, among other things, it takes little account of the changed market in recent years and has little regard for the holidaymaker. Now - now with a decrease of 85% air passengers at Schiphol - this memorandum is really in need of revision, according to the industry, in which the air passenger will be central and not outdated business models. In addition, the ANVR calls for attention to a guarantee fund in the event of airline bankruptcy and a fair air passenger tax. De Knoop has made known the ambitions and wishes of the sector in the field of responsible travel and, as ANVR, hopes to be able to realize these in collaboration with the government. ANVR.

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