Car traffic is back to the level of mid-October 2020, just before the second lockdown. Traffic continues to increase and parking spaces are becoming scarce as ever. We are back on the way to the old 'normal' because every relaxation that the cabinet has allowed since April has been accompanied by extra traffic on the track. The ANWB also notes on the basis of its traffic jam figures of the past weeks that the traffic is increasing. Many more people are on their way to or from work again. Also on the radio the familiar voice with names of well-known bottlenecks such as A1 from Barneveld to Hoevelaken and the A58 between Moergestel and Oirschot in the direction of Eindhoven. 

NS happy with the increase

It is also getting busier and busier on the railways, according to NS. Last Thursday and Friday, more than half a million people took the train on both days. Rover and the cyclists' association are less enthusiastic now that cyclists have to make reservations when they want to take the train by bicycle. On Wednesday last week, the advice to only take the train if the journey is necessary expired. 

"We welcome every passenger with open arms. We are very happy that the freedom to travel is back and that we can get our travelers back where they want to go. In the coming period, NS will be running more and more trains to offer everyone a safe journey. We expect the increase to continue. "

Marjan Rintel, CEO of NS

The same picture with our southern neighbors. We are again queuing up at the Kennedy Tunnel, and this time not because of construction work. In some places there are structural files again. An extra hour between Antwerp North and the Kennedytunnel, slowed traffic on the E17 towards Ghent and also queuing from the parking lot in Kruibeke. From June 9, the crowds increase even more. Fairs, fairs, flea markets, flea markets, bowlings, casinos and cinemas may reopen. Worships, weddings and funerals will again be allowed to take place with 100 people inside and 200 outside.

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traffic jams in Antwerp
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