As society reopens and travel becomes more self-evident, the perfect time has come to organize that travel in a smarter and easier way. The Rotterdam / The Hague region has the scoop of Moves, a new platform that organizes your commute and other journeys. No more hassle with separate tickets, subscriptions, receipts and various apps for tram, train, bus, shared bicycle, shared car, (water) taxi or metro. Thanks to Moves, traveling becomes simple. And getting smarter. Moves is also still in full development. For example, more and more means of transport and providers – regional and national – will be added to Moves in the near future.

Moves combines the benefits of many major transport providers. This makes a new, easy way of travel possible for residents, employees and even foreign tourists in the region from today. Within the Moves platform, the user is central: how do you get the best alternatives to get to your destination as simply as possible: the fastest, cheapest, healthiest or most sustainable. The experience of the partners working together within the Moves platform and smart application of technology make Moves possible. With this, Moves is committed to a new movement in the region.

Moves means smarter travel 

The Moves apps take advantage of the mobility opportunities the region has to offer and put together the optimal mix for a door-to-door journey. Useful information is immediately visible in the app. Think of the expected crowds to a popular destination. You can avoid this crowds by, for example, parking the car on the edge of the city and switching to a shared bicycle. For example, shared bicycles and scooters can also be added to a journey by public transport.

Everybody moves – for every traveller 

Moves is an initiative of three forerunners from the mobility sector: trip planner 9292, international ticket platform Tranzer and Pon, one of the largest companies in the field of mobility in the Netherlands. Moves is available in three variants. First, there is the app for employers and employees. In addition, there is 9292 moves, as part of the largest travel planner app in the Netherlands. And finally, Moves is there for (international) travelers with the Tranzer travel app. The three Moves apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store from today.

For employers: the new travel 

Especially now that many employees no longer travel to the office every day, Moves is an ideal partner for employers. The Moves app means: no more (expensive) subscriptions, but only pay when used. From the app, employees can travel on behalf of the employer, or declare their business or commuter travel costs directly. Planning the trip based on CO2 emissions supports sustainable business. The first companies have already started with Moves

For residents and visitors: smart and easy 

As a well-known travel planner, 9292 offers 9292 moves the opportunity to plan a complete journey including shared bicycle or scooter, but also to book and pay for tickets for the planned public transport journey. The expected crowds during the planned trip are made clear with a crowding indicator. Via Tranzer, international travelers can arrange their transport in their own language and with their own payment methods. So from arrival at the airport or train station to departure.

better together 

Moves is part of the national MaaS (Mobility as a Service) program, initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The new service is launched under the motto 'better together', which refers to a better way of traveling with innovative combinations of transport. The unique collaboration between carriers, app providers and municipalities forms the basis for making means of transport available to the right public at the right location. Moves is possible thanks to the ambitions and support of the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Municipality of The Hague, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area, Accessible Haaglanden and Rijnland, De Verkeersonderneming and Schiphol Real Estate. The The Hague/Rotterdam region will therefore be the first, although travelers will immediately enjoy national coverage.

“Moves makes traveling within our region a huge step easier. It also produces cities that are more pleasant to live and work in, that are cleaner and more accessible. In the coming months, we will inspire travelers in the region with a lot of energy to travel smarter and easier with Moves.”

Roger Demkes of The Traffic Company.
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