The Netherlands is the country par excellence where we can complain freely. If it does not exist, we even set up an association of complainants to coordinate the complaint. And if that does not help, there is probably an association that is suing the association of complainants. At the moment, the most beautiful seaside resort in the Netherlands is terrorized almost daily by what we call tourism in the Netherlands for the complaint group 'Nuisance in Scheveningen'. Even the cheerful boy on the scooter of the spare ribs on purpose has to believe it and is no longer welcome from now on. Summer temperatures or not, according to the complaining group you don't drive with your window open because then the pedestrian will hear your hip-hop music when you are standing next to him at the traffic light.

Now that the local Scheveningen press is on top of the nuisance, the criticism is loud and louder. The municipality of The Hague is almost at a loss and is doing everything it can to keep the residents of Scheveningen calm. There are many complaints about street racing, motorcycles that make a lot of noise and young people with nitrous oxide balloons. Whether that is typical for Scheveningen is open to question and it probably has little to do with tourism, but rather with the general mentality of young people. What is not a nuisance to one person may be to another.

"I have to say something about many residents of Scheveningen. I regularly speak to people who cycle on the sidewalk, ride their scooter on the boulevard, do not clean up dog poop, park where it is not allowed, paper or cups or other rubbish on the street. while there is a trash can a few meters away.Why are they doing this?I always ask if they live in Scheveningen, if so, whether they also suffer from all the nuisance, the answer is always yes.Many Scheveningens take care of themselves also for nuisance caused by that behaviour. If we don't give an example of how it should be done why are we complaining, then we are not much better than our tourists who do the same. Let's also look at ourselves people. Let's give an example and talk to each other if you see something"

Rob King
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"Was price gas open again yesterday evening in the fishing harbor street guys so cool"

"Despite the promise to tackle the nuisance at Scheveningen as hard as possible, it was a hit again last weekend. Many reports about life-threatening racing, double parking and other bastard behaviour. Our party chairman Richard de Mos therefore wants to quickly 'pats checks' and a tough approach to nuisance bastards!"


Hart voor Den Haag/Groep de Mos receives signals from residents that there was quite a bit of nuisance in Scheveningen last weekend. Nothing noticed anyway. When I walked on the boulevard towards Keizerstraat on Saturday I wondered why it was so quiet in Scheveningen. Nice weather and yet far too few tourists. Still, on Monday, party chairman Richard de Mos asked for action because he received complaints about a grim atmosphere in the streets and on the boulevard. The nuisance mainly concerns street racing, loud music in cars and the use of laughing gas. After weeks of rain we finally have a few nice days, the windows of the cars are not allowed to open.

A real complaints line 14070 was even set up to meet the residents in all their misery. On the well-known Scheveningen Facebook pages, complaints continue to rain down after the weekend from residents who are almost driven off their socks and/or called names on the street. According to councilor René Oudshoorn, the central reporting point 14070 does not work properly, when residents wanted to make a report, they were put on hold for at least 15 minutes.


The measures taken by the municipality of The Hague will also cost the residents of Scheveningen money. The city council of The Hague will restrict the issuance of the number of parking permits in the city. In neighborhoods where there is a major parking problem, it becomes more difficult for residents to obtain a parking permit for the second car. Residents who apply for a parking permit for their first car are entitled to priority over residents who want a second one.

Visitors can park all day in the parking garages in Scheveningen or in the Noordelijk Havenhoofd and Zwarte Pad parking lots. Yet smarter Parking as a tourist is also possible with Park + Beach in the garages Central Station New Babylon, Malieveld and Laakhaven Holland Spoor. This costs EUR 5 per day and EUR 1, per person to continue the journey to the beach by tram or HTM bicycle.


As Ernesta Verburg (PZC) wrote in her piece: “The boulevard belongs to everyone, not just residents”. The boulevard is wide enough for everyone to stroll – with or without wheels. That's the beauty of it. The boulevard belongs to everyone, right?

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