With hundreds of mobility parties in the Netherlands, it is not easy to quickly achieve standardization, for example with regard to data sharing. According to Dirk Jan de Haan, MaaS program manager at the ANWB, the biggest problem we currently face is working together. This collaboration is about data on the one hand, and business on the other. Technically, there is already a TOMP (Transport Operator MaaS Provider) API, which provides a frictionless technical link between the MaaS app and a shared transport provider. This makes it easier for parties to exchange data. This standard is also supported by the Ministry. 

According to Dirk Jan de Haan, platforms are also being created that ensure that we can show the travel options to the customer and that users have access to the various means of transport. This way we don't have to talk to all 300 mobility parties in the Netherlands. We are now exploring which platform we will be working with, with which we can quickly offer large-scale partial transport in a MaaS proposition.

The ANWB as a European MaaS player

The ANWB is also investigating other propositions in the field of flexible travel, for example for employees and entrepreneurs. Dirk Jan: “The mobility policy for ANWB employees is considered progressive throughout the Netherlands. We can offer business drivers a truly seamless collaboration between the private and business side of mobility. After all, the business user is also a consumer, only part of his travel is reimbursed by the employer. We are investigating this combination, so that we can also provide maximum service to the business user".

How does Dirk Jan see the role of the ANWB within MaaS in ten years' time? “We can play a big role because we are credible to provide independent advice. And of course we have a huge reach with almost 5 million members. With our network outside the Netherlands, we can also be a European player. Together with our sister clubs in Europe, we can also serve the customer across the border with a European offer. I therefore think that we as ANWB are ideally positioned to be a major player in MaaS".

The full article can be read on the website of the ANWB

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