Since last weekend it has finally been beautiful weather, the convertibles and motorcycles can be taken out of the stable again. Touring around with the beautiful weather in these corona times is wonderful, but it is getting busier on the roads. This is a must for all road users. Motorists and motorcyclists must take each other into account and be alert. Most motorcycles have stood still for a long time, and motorcyclists have to get used to riding a motorcycle again. Motorists also have to get used to the amount of motorbikes on the road, which drive between cars, for example, when they are in a traffic jam or waiting at a traffic light. 

De ANWB therefore advise motorcyclists to always ride with lights on, even during the day. This makes them slightly more visible than without lighting. They also advise to wear protective motorcycle clothing and preferably a fluorescent vest. And also a not unimportant tip is to take the time to sharpen your driving skills and alertness when you start driving for the first time in a long time. If necessary, practice first. So drive extra carefully if you have not ridden a motorcycle for a long time. Also check some technical things before you jump back on your bike, such as your tire pressure, battery, oil, chain, lighting and your brakes. You are extremely vulnerable on a motorcycle so drive carefully and be seen on the road.

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