Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters responds on the 'news' that she would be in favor of variable ticket prices and more expensive tickets. The option of variable ticket prices was included in the memorandum of the Flemish Transport Company De Lijn that was drawn up in response to the 2019 elections. Peeters says that she has always said, also in various interventions in the Flemish Parliament, that she is absolutely not in favor of this story. She is, however, in favor of variable and flexible subscriptions that take into account the possibilities of teleworking.

Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters clarifies: 

“I am absolutely in favor of flexible subscriptions. De Lijn has already started this at my request, just think of the Pause button for annual subscriptions and next week I will receive more information from De Lijn about this. The corona crisis and the extensive teleworking have made the need for this clear. What I am absolutely not in favor of are higher (and therefore variable) ticket prices in rush hours. VVM De Lijn may be conducting research into this in the context of an adjusted tariff structure, but I argue for simplicity in the tariffs and only differentiation according to target groups. In this story too, the traveler is always central to me and I want to prevent transport poverty.”

Lydia Peeters

Correction: Minister Peeters is not in favor of higher ticket prices in rush hours

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