Region Foodvalley is shocked by the proposals of transport company Keolis to scale down bus lines in certain areas in the region by 2022. The general board of Region Foodvalley informs this in a letter to Keolis. Keolis has drawn up a transition plan showing that large areas of the region may no longer be accessible by public transport by 2022. Region Foodvalley is an attractive region for businesses and residents. Good accessibility, also by public transport, contributes to this.

transport plan 2022

Keolis provides regional public transport in a part of Gelderland under the name RRReis. Due to the outbreak of the corona crisis, the number of passengers in the regular buses has fallen sharply. Because it is unclear whether and how this will recover in the coming years, Keolis has drawn up the 'RRReis Transport Plan 2022'. This plan describes that Keolis will significantly scale down public transport. According to Keolis, measures are necessary to keep public transport financially healthy despite the corona support. The 2022 transport plan has been submitted by Keolis to the stakeholders for advice, including the municipalities in the Foodvalley Region. The regional municipalities send a joint response to Keolis and to the province of Gelderland as grantor.

Region Foodvalley understands the scaling down of busy bus lines, but not the reduction of public transport coverage of areas due to the great social importance. Rescaling lines that will soon be successful again will be easier in the future than reintroducing discontinued lines.

transition plan

The Province of Gelderland is preparing a transition plan to keep the public transport sector financially healthy in the short and long term. Every province in the Netherlands draws up a transition plan. This is a national agreement and a condition for eligibility for reimbursement from the government. The transition plan should be ready at the beginning of July. Because there is still a lot of uncertainty about the financial support from the government in 2022, a minimum and a worst-case scenario are elaborated in the transition plan. Keolis has included both scenarios in its 'RRReis Vervoerplan 2022'. The response from the Foodvalley Region relates to both scenarios.

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