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The staff members that KLM had to lay off due to the corona crisis will receive financial support from the European Union. It concerns an amount of five million euros that is directly intended for these former KLM employees. This was decided by the European Parliament on Tuesday. With the money, people can retrain, find new work or start their own business. Affected workers from three other EU countries will also receive financial support.

The aid funds go directly to the 1.201 KLM employees who lost their jobs during the corona crisis and are therefore not intended for the group itself. The Netherlands has submitted an application for these citizens to the European Globalization Adjustment Fund (EGF) and the European Parliament has approved it. Passenger aviation has been hit hard by the corona crisis. Because there was no longer any work for them, the former KLM employees are now sitting at home on the couch. The money from Europe can make a difference in their career for them.

Former KLM employees who compete for the money are expected to receive 'additional incentives', such as a training, transport or accommodation allowance. In this way they should be helped to take advantage of opportunities on the labor market. Local employment offices in Member States will contact affected workers to determine their needs. Then comes tailor-made training, personal guidance and help with looking for new work.

Not only will five million euros go to the Dutch, but also 1,8 million euros will be made available to support redundant employees of Finnair in Finland. In addition, 1.500 Belgian airport employees who have been sent away will receive 3,7 million euros in support and 1,1 German metal workers receive XNUMX million euros in support. The money is used to help dismissed employees to find a new job. This is done through further education, training or support when starting your own company, according to the Europees Parlement.

The Netherlands was able to draw on the EGF fund and has therefore also done the same for redundant KLM employees. The national airline ran into problems last year due to the corona crisis. For example, revenues fell by 53,8 percent to 5120 million euros compared to 2019. The EGF was not established due to the corona crisis. It has been in existence since 2007 and aims to protect workers in the EU from the negative effects of globalisation. The crisis in the aviation industry as a result of the pandemic certainly falls under this.

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