In view of the corona crisis and its economic consequences for the sector, the Board of Directors has decided that the existing members of GTL who paid their membership fees in 2020 will not owe any membership fees for 2021. With this, the National Grouping of Enterprises with Taxi and Location vehicles with driver would like to thank for the loyalty to the organization. Meanwhile, GTL-TAXI remains very active and defends the sector both against the consequences of the corona crisis and against the difficulties and ambiguities that have arisen with the new legislation which was implemented on January 1, 2020.

Royal Dutch Transport

In Belgium, GTL-TAXI is the National Grouping of Companies with Taxi and Location vehicles with a driver and can be compared in the Netherlands with the KNV (Royal Dutch Transport), where Carlo Cahn has succeeded Hubert Andela as director of the association as of 1 June. Whether the Dutch trade association also has plans to accommodate their members is unknown. It is said that the membership invoices have already been sent to the members.


globalization mechanism

The members of GTL-TAXI were also drawn to the corona globalization mechanism that offers support to companies that had a minimum turnover of € 1 in the period from April 2019, 31 to December 2019, 450.000 and that experienced a decrease in turnover of at least 1% in the period from April 2020, 31 to December 2020, 60 and an accounting have suffered losses due to the corona measures. You can submit an application from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021 the manual en the application procedure before starting an application.

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Taxi in Ghent
Taxi in Ghent
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