In May, Paul Brandjes, owner of the property, confirmed that the Palace Hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee was technically bankrupt and last Thursday the doors were closed and rooms can no longer be booked. There will be no restart. As of January 1, 2021, the Palace Hotel from Noordwijk aan Zee said it was no longer part of the Radisson Hotel Group. Since 2014 the hotel was affiliated with the Radisson Blu brand under a French contract and strangely enough, the hotel can still be found on the website of Radisson Hotels as Radisson Blu Palace Hotel with the text: This hotel is temporarily closed. Come back for updates.

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The Palace Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Noordwijk, has been closed for a few days. With 115 rooms, 5 spacious suites, a wellness center, eleven conference rooms and a nostalgic facade with copper towers that are reminiscent of times gone by, the Palace is one of the most prominent and comfortable hotels in Noordwijk. The cause of the bankruptcy is a conflict with the Radisson Group. Until last year, the hotel in Noordwijk was a franchisee of the American hotel chain. The collaboration started in 2013. With effect from 2021, the Palace wanted to operate as a stand-alone hotel again. "In close consultation with the chain, we have come to the conclusion that we will part ways as of January 1, 2020," general manager André Aaij told the trade magazine in November XNUMX. Hospitality Management. But it soon became apparent that not all folds had been ironed out during this consultation.

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Franchisee Paul Brandjes canceled the collaboration between his hotel and the Radisson chain at the beginning of this year. According to the Financial Newspaper he wanted to be able to use the customer data collected for his own marketing. He also wanted to be found as an independent hotel on the Booking or platform. Radisson did not authorize that. The clash between hotel owner Brandjes and Radisson concerns a surrender sum of the franchise agreement of €150.000. Brandjes does not want to pay it, because he believes that the hotel chain has brought him too few customers for years, especially when renting meeting and conference rooms. Franchise organizations have had data conflicts before. For example, restaurant owners and taxi drivers, who developed a separate marketing strategy for their local market, clashed with the large platforms to which they are affiliated.

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Radisson Blu Palace Hotel
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