The Brussels Catering Federation – the only professional organization for hospitality employers in Brussels – and Taxis Verts, the largest Brussels exchange for on-demand transport, are joining forces to help the Brussels hospitality sector, which – like the taxi sector – has been hard hit since the start of the corona crisis, to give a boost and thus bring the Brussels Region back to life. According to the independent platform for passenger transport Magazine Passenger Transport Taxis Verts is setting aside €50.000 in taxi rides for this, which can be used as soon as the measures are relaxed on 9 June. In addition, it also sets up various communication campaigns.

“With this action, we want to support restaurants and bars in Brussels which, like the taxi sector, are going through a very difficult period since the start of the health crisis. With this collaboration, we want to contribute to the resumption of activity in both our sectors by making it easier for Brussels residents to get around. We set up a series of communication and customer benefit campaigns. Members of the Brussels Hospitality Federation will be able to offer their customers taxi rides worth €10, so that they can go to and from restaurants and bars by taxi."

Jean-Michel Courtoy, CEO of Taxis Verts.

The Brussels Catering Federation represents the interests of Brussels SMEs and the self-employed who are active in the catering industry. “We have just signed a historic agreement with Taxis Verts. Never before has such an agreement been signed to encourage and facilitate the movements of the customers of our Horeca members”, says Fabian Hermans, director of the Federation Ho.Re.Ca Brussels. “Restaurant La Patinoire thanks Taxis Verts for their support to the Horeca”, adds Frédéric Eberhart, director of La Patinoire and member of the Hospitality Federation Brussels.

Taxis Verts is also planning other supporting actions, such as the collaboration with the French-language news channel LN24 for the program “#jaimemonresto”. An initiative that gives restaurant owners a stage and supports them in the context of the full reopening on June 9. The discount, in the form of a promotional code, can be used for an order with in-app payment in the Taxis Verts application. Details can be found at via this link.

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Taxis Verts
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