Landlords remove cars from mobility company Car Driver Deals (Atvangarde BV) and from their customers' doorsteps. Also on the Facebook page shares messages from customers where cars have been taken away in the past few days. Several large rental companies and leasing companies have decided to reclaim their cars from the Limburg mobility company Car Driver Deals, after problems arose with payments. In the meantime, the Limburg company can no longer be reached for comment. 

Drivers have to make do with an unbelievable email in which company directors Geert and Jan Golsteijn ask for peace to prevent further chaos and increase a lack of chips in the world market for the lack of cars that prevent them from delivering. They claim to be at an advanced stage with investors willing to resolve the issues, but provide no further details. 

It would concern more than 3000 victims and millions in damage. Almost all major rental companies had rented cars to Car Driver Deals, including, in addition to Autop, also Sixt, Avis, Enterprise, Autohopper and Inqar. Leasing companies such as Alphabet, MKB Lease, Zuidlease and several dealer leasing companies also appear to have supplied cars to CDD. To protect their property, companies are starting to reclaim the vehicle. They may do this without notice of default or judicial intervention on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions that have been accepted by Car Driver Deals. 

no private lease

To be clear: Car Driver Deals does not call itself a private lease company. They provide mobility. You pay an amount and you get a car in that class and after a while they give you the car you want. The latter is remarkable. So you don't actually get the car you want, but an equivalent vehicle in the same class or higher. You have hardly any say in options, etc. on the car. They have different payment formulas to even prepay everything. The latter is a separate one. Oddly enough, they rent out cars at much lower prices than they pay for them themselves. Drivers sometimes pay up to 50% less for the car than the actual monthly rent at other companies.

The company's working method has all the appearance of a pyramid scheme. You pay an amount for a year to get your car at the end of that year. So you pre-finance for a year. Strangely enough, what you get is something that someone else has already used. Yet the CDD construction is so different from what the rest offers that it is difficult to compare. The car you get can literally be requested and sold overnight. They have that right under the contracts. But in retrospect, such a thing is not abnormal when you see which lease constructions they have concluded themselves with duped companies that are now retrieving the cars.

Be prepared and arrange an alternative yourself before your car will be collected by the supplier so that you can continue driving. This creates unsavory situations on the road, such as people being stopped by the police while they were unsuspectingly on the road.

business operations

The company Atvangarde BV from Maasbracht has as directors Messrs. Geert and Jan Golsteijn and as the only shareholders their companies Dalijaro BV from Stevensweert and Jimaboca BV from Maria Hoop. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the company employs 15 people. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the activities focus on the sector, mortgage and credit brokerage, money exchange offices, banking and savings agencies, etc., insurance intermediaries and advertising agencies. This includes online mediation in the purchase and sale of registered property and related services. Generating leads for (financial) services and products. Sales of digital dashboard with a fill-in service and, in their own words, a saving concept on mobility and online marketing.

How could it have turned out this way?

In the first instance, the management puts its hand in its own pocket for this. “We should have made earlier and better decisions to prevent and resolve payment inability to pay at some suppliers. We should also have put the brakes on online campaigns earlier to curb the strong growth in the number of customers, especially when it turned out that more and more suppliers could no longer supply cars due to production problems due to the lack of chips at the manufacturers of the cars. Furthermore, we should have paid less attention to turnover and more attention to purchasing. At a too late stage, inquiries from generally well-informed market parties revealed that we, as Car Driver Deals, paid too high a purchase price and that we also lost a lot of liquidity due to obligations in the form of deposits, guarantees and advance payments that suppliers oblige us before they pay us. deliveries went over.”

"When we launched this innovative mobility concept in September 2018, we could not have imagined that it would end in such chaos. We deeply regret and deeply regret this, not only for what has happened to our employees who have only carried out work on our behalf and investors who also invested a lot of money in the company because they too, like us, were firmly convinced that they were on the right and right path, but also and above all for our customers. who have now been taken out of their cars in a terrible and irresponsible manner by the relevant suppliers while they had taken out a mobility package with Car Driver Deals. We as management take full responsibility for this and sincerely apologize for what you are going through as a customer. "

Geert and Jan Golsteijn

extremely annoying

In a letter from Blankert Shortlease, they say they deeply regret the situation surrounding Car Driver Deals and find this extremely annoying for many people who were duped by this company. Unfortunately, they do not know who is driving their cars and that the cars ended up at CDD under false pretenses. Yet they also want to mediate to solve everything neatly and ask the drivers to get in touch. Car Driver Deals had devised a strange construction by passing on the cars from the lease of their own company to private individuals in a new lease construction in which the driver received a replacement car every few months, i.e. at the end of their own lease contract and so he could almost always drive a fairly recent car. 

huge impact

Entering into new deals is temporarily not possible and on the website informs the company's customers to avoid any apprehension. Car Driver Deals is currently looking for a solution or alternative for those involved. If customers have received a message about returning a car, they ask to contact them, but by telephone they can no longer process this number of messages and let customers know that there are problems with the following text.

"Over the past few days, we were suddenly confronted with a subjective media report in which we were deliberately referred to us without rebuttal. In response to this, a small number of suppliers decided to collect cars from our customers without legal basis and without prior consultation. customers informed in advance and replacement arranged. We understand that this has a huge impact on the affected customers and we deeply regret this."

Car Driver Deals

According to Luberto van Buiten of the trade magazine  Fleet & Mobility Last week, leasing company VNA sent a notification about a “deviating offer from Car Driver Deals, whereby the entire term is paid in advance”. The consumer often paid less than what CDD paid to the supplier. CDD itself sent its suppliers a letter asking for a postponement of payment, because otherwise there would be panic in the market and among consumers. Various reports from drivers show that they have paid between 12 thousand and 50 thousand euros for their mobility package. The damage thus threatens to run into millions of euros. In its own words, Car Driver Deals has three thousand cars under contract with 50 different suppliers.


Immediately after the problems arose, a website was created to help victims, in their own words. What is actually happening is collecting an address database of potential lease customers who have been duped by CDD. According to their information, they are an alliance of mostly car rental companies which have rented cars to Car Driver Deals (CDD) and which Car Driver Deals (CDD) have then rented out to you. Both the rider and they are jointly duped and see advantages in solving this situation together.

"Given the completely unclear and uncertain situation surrounding Car Driver Deals (CDD), partly caused by the fact that they no longer meet payment obligations, we, as the owner of the car rented by you via Car Driver Deals (CDD), believe that it is importance is to communicate directly with you."

Victims Car Driver Deals 2021
CDD itself sent a letter to its suppliers asking for a postponement of payment
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