The first barrel of new herring will go to the GGD GHOR Netherlands on Tuesday. Chairman André Rouvoet is offered the Hollandse Nieuwe at the vaccination location next to the Cars Jeans Stadium in The Hague by the Dutch Visbureau.

Normally the first keg is auctioned for a good cause. This always happens in the port of Scheveningen, but due to the corona pandemic, it cannot take place for the second year in a row. Last year, IC care was offered the pegs. Director Agnes Leewis of the Dutch Fish Agency calls the GGD the "logical choice" for this year. “Thanks to their efforts, we can hopefully be confident that all Dutch people will feel like a New Holland within a short time.”

Employees and people who come to have themselves vaccinated at the location can also get a Hollandse Nieuwe and at a number of other GGD vaccination locations the Nederlands Visbureau is also with herrings. The new herring will be for sale everywhere from Wednesday.

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learned young is done old, eating herring in Scheveningen
Gate 12
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