The weather has been beautiful in our country for days and the temperatures are currently rising above 30 degrees. Wonderful of course for the sun worshipers among us who can now enjoy the sun and these tropical temperatures. Yet this heat also brings with it certain 'problems' that most of us don't think about. What if you end up at the side of the road with such high temperatures? Rijkswaterstaat has a heat protocol in force if there is a 70 percent or more chance in the provinces of temperatures above 30 degrees. A heat protocol is a protocol that is used at high temperatures, stranded motorists on the highway are immediately taken by a recovery company to a safe location with facilities. This is a location such as a gas station or a parking lot with facilities.

This protocol applies at high temperatures between 10 a.m. and 20 p.m. This is all done by Rijkswaterstaat organized. The reason for this heat protocol is that if you have a breakdown on the highway at high temperatures, the temperature of the asphalt can rise to above 50 degrees. These temperatures are of course extreme and cannot be sustained for long. It is therefore advisable to go well prepared with the car even if it gets very hot. Bring an umbrella that you can use as a parasol and bring plenty of water. It is also vital that if your car comes to a stop on the highway that you wait behind the guardrail and of course do not forget to call the breakdown assistance.

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