Now that several municipalities and cities have signed the Zero Emission Roadmap for Consumer Taxi Transport, it is important for entrepreneurs to invest in the right way in the vehicle fleet for the coming years. Many cities want to draw up an Action Plan in consultation with in KNV about the concrete implementation of how electric taxi transport can be stimulated. The sector organization is already consulting with Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven, but other cities will follow.

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The environmental investment deduction and arbitrary depreciation can be interesting for taxi companies. This concerns environmental investments that are on the subsidy list, such as electric cars and vans, charging stations and charging stations, means of transport on hydrogen, etc. The scheme only applies to entrepreneurs who are liable for income or corporate tax and is subsequently settled for tax purposes in the form of a tax credit. Nevertheless, the KNV has reservations about this tax credit. In view of the small profit margins in the taxi sector, it is wise not to allow this arrangement to take place via a settlement with the profit.

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This regulation is being evaluated specifically for taxis by CE Delft on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. It turns out that carriers hardly make use of this arrangement. The KNV industry association has indicated that this is not surprising, because the scheme is quite complicated. It is more effective to have the scheme go into effect immediately when making environmentally-friendly investments, such as the purchase of electric taxi vehicles, and not afterwards. The evaluation report will be presented to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in July, with the association hoping that this will lead to changes to the existing scheme and that the scheme will turn into a more effective incentive for taxi companies.

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