In Born, Limburg, at VDL Nedcar, electric cars will soon be built for the American startup Canoo. The Dutch manufacturer will start production of the Lifestyle Vehicle model in the fourth quarter of 2022, which is also the first model that the American startup is putting into production. Initially, VDL Nedcar will build 1.000 vehicles for Canoo in the fourth quarter of this year, with a volume of 2023 in 15.000. 

Due to the lack of a permit for new construction on the VDL Nedcar site, temporary accommodation may be realized on the factory site in Born. The new production activities for Canoo will not affect the current production of VDL Nedcar. Production of the MINI models and the BMW X1 for the BMW Group will end at the end of 2023.

“The partnership with Canoo is great news for our employees in Born. With the vehicle, including platform developed by Canoo, we can accelerate the future of mobility together. This collaboration offers perspective and is the first step towards a new future for VDL Nedcar. A future where we build different cars for several brands at the same time.”

director John van Soerland of VDL Nedcar


The cabinet, which was involved in the conclusion of this deal, had previously promised VDL Nedcar that it would be actively involved in preserving the factory and employment. To this end, the cabinet continued its close contacts with VDL Nedcar and other parties involved, and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) was intensively involved in the acquisition process for new client(s). According to VDL Nedcar, the new order will not affect BMW's order, which production will stop at the end of 2023 in Born. 


Canoe, based in California, will "bring the most space-efficient electric vehicle to market, pick-ups, minibuses and vans with a large load capacity on a small footprint." The model, called Lifestyle Vehicle, that VDL Nedcar will produce for Canoo, is the first vehicle that the startup will bring into production. Canoo also announced today that it will build its own new car factory in America.

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