Public transport will also receive a financial (corona) compensation from the central government next year. The corona regulation that applies last year and this year will in any case be extended until September next year. This is because it will probably take years before the numbers of travelers in public transport are back to the previous level before the corona pandemic. The national government reports that public transport currently transports just over 50 percent of the number of travelers before the corona pandemic. This while public transport currently runs almost a full timetable.

“With the availability fee for public transport, we ensure that trains, buses, trams and metros continue to run. During the crisis, but also now that we are opening up society again, we desperately need public transport, so that students can go back to lectures and people who go to the office more often can count on train, tram and bus. It is important for the public transport sector and the people who work there that they already have clarity about 2022, because, for example, the timetables are already being drawn up. In this way we ensure that travelers can continue to use public transport and that there is no need to make heavy cuts in the supply or in employment.”

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) expects that in 2022 the use of public transport will still be 6 to 14 percent below the level of 2019. The financial support is therefore necessary in order not to have to cut the timetable and employment. Based on KiM's forecasts, the extension of the financial support until September next year is estimated at 140 million euros. That is a lot lower than the amount of 1,5 billion that is available this year. It is expected that many travelers will be back on public transport by 2022. The National government will phase out financial support as more travelers return to public transport.

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