It is not yet possible to request a free corona test for travel via the website The website would be available from June 30, but for now, interested parties can only call the GGD for a test. The GGD reports on Wednesday that it is very busy on the special telephone number for this, 0800-5005. Via the website, people can make an appointment for a rapid test or a PCR test at a commercial test provider. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management already indicated that not all test providers would be linked to the website on Wednesday. According to a spokesperson, the technology behind the system is "very complicated".

People can also contact the GGD for a PCR test, but only if they have a DigiD. In total, the GGDs can conduct 35.000 tests per day. This number is limited so that testing for travel purposes does not prevent the mapping of the virus spread. According to a spokeswoman for the umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland, many people call the GGD on Wednesday with questions about the website, even though the number is not intended for that. Some people even call multiple times in a row. The tests are intended for people who have not (yet) been vaccinated against corona or who do not qualify for a so-called recovery certificate. In July and August the tests are free.

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