After a year and a half of complete peace at the airports and on the first day of the summer holidays, customs will conduct punctuality actions at the airports of Zaventem and Deurne, among others. Customs demand better working conditions. The trade unions ACOD, ACV, VSOA and NUOD ask Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem (CD&V) for urgent action.

In the fight against organized crime, according to the unions, it is time to realize that customs need people and resources. The customs officers expect extra colleagues, remuneration in relation to the work or risks. The unions say they have not received a satisfactory answer to their demands for better work planning. The staff no longer has a work-life balance, they say.

On Wednesday, customs in the port of Antwerp already carried out punctuality actions. Among other things, strict checks were made on vehicle documents or the prohibited use of red diesel. This led to traffic jams on the road and frustration among truckers. The actions are addressed to the federal ministers of Finance and Pensions. “We have been hearing promises for far too long and have not received any concrete commitments,” the unions NUOD, ACOD, ACV and VSOA said.

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