It is often very unclear what charging your electric car costs abroad. Electric charging is relatively cheap in the Netherlands and Belgium and the prices are slightly higher in some other countries. In France and Spain you have to be careful because the prices can differ greatly there. According to the research, prices are slightly higher in Germany and Austria, but the differences are not too great and fast charging is sometimes not much more expensive. Pay attention in France, Spain and Italy where there are big differences. For example, a charge at one and the same pole can be tens of euros more expensive or cheaper, depending on your car and your charge card. The situation as we used to know with calling abroad now actually exists for electric charging.

big differences

There are big differences in Spain where you get between €0,20 and 0,83 / kWh. must tick. This is apparent from an inventory of EV specialist Watture and EV consumer platform Part of the market is free, part regulated. Also, car brands have price agreements in some locations. The differences per charge can therefore amount to tens of euros per full battery. There are differences of 50 cents per kWh on one and the same charging station. In France you often pay per minute. If your car does not charge at the maximum speed (for example due to the summer heat), it can quickly become expensive. At a public charging station you pay between € 0,10 and € 0,35 / kWh.

In the mountains you notice extra well how nice an electric car drives and how economically you can drive it. After all, going downhill means recharging your battery! And with the silence of your electric car you can hear the cow bells or perhaps singing on the alpine meadows. In many parking areas near mountain lifts you will find charging stations, sometimes even fast chargers, although that may not be so convenient if you want to take a longer walk on the mountain. Even in smaller places you will find public charging stations. Fast chargers can also be found along the major roads and cities, Ionity (€ 0,79 / kWh) is also present on the through routes, but there are also many local energy companies with fast chargers. There you sometimes pay per charge (€9,90) and sometimes per kWh (often about €0,45 / kWh). 


It is still difficult to find out exactly what and how you pay when preparing your holiday. It is different in many places and prices do not only differ per country and per region, but also per charging station and charging card. More clear regulations are needed to increase support for electric driving. Make prices transparent and unambiguous for all customers. Make it easy to see what you have to pay and how: immediately with a bank card, via an app or with which charging card. This is important to allow people to drive across the border with an electric car.

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