Utrecht, Zwolle and Groningen lead the top 10 of the world ranking of bicycle-friendly cities. The list is compiled annually by cycling organization People for Bikes in the United States. The bicycle infrastructure and how residents feel about the bicycle options in their own city are also examined. This year's list is made up of 767 cities in 12 countries.

Research shows according to the Royal RAI Association suggests that the best cities for cycling have safe, comfortable and well-connected cycling networks. Investments by local authorities in better cycling infrastructure are key to getting more people on their bikes, improving the safety of all road users and connecting everyone to where they need to go.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is well represented in the top 10 of the world ranking for bicycle-friendly cities. Utrecht takes first place and gets an overall score of 83%. Then follow Zwolle en Groningen with a score of 82%. In fifth place in the list rijtje  Amsterdam (81%) and seventh place Rotterdam (80%).

All Dutch cities score quite high when it comes to cycling infrastructure. Most respondents in these cities regularly cycle. About half indicate that they are not well informed about the bicycle policy in their city. Two-thirds indicate that they feel unsafe on their bicycle. There are therefore still a number of points for attention for these municipalities.

Other cities top 10
The top 10 further consists of: Princetown USA (81%) in fourth place, Copenhagen (80%) in sixth place, Barcelona (79%) in eighth place, Seville (77%) in ninth place and Antwerp (77%) as closing gate.

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