What should have been the opening weekend of the Gentse Feesten turned out to be a weekend with at times an exuberant atmosphere. The terraces were quite full in many places, but it was a quiet night. One catering business received an official report because it was still open after 1 o'clock, the mandatory closing time in the entire country. The official Ghent Festivities may have been cancelled, but a colorful dance and music procession passed through the city on Sunday. You would almost think that the Gentse Feesten will continue this year with a 'light' edition.

official report

Between Friday evening and Monday morning, six official reports were issued for an infringement of the mouth mask obligation. Thirteen people were also charged with playing music with electronic speakers after 22 p.m., which is still illegal. The police were on alert and patrolled the city center on foot and with striking and anonymous cars. Yet they were not out to write fines en masse and citizens often got away with a warning that they must wear a mouth mask.

Ghent Festivities atmosphere in Ghent
relax on the many terraces

live stream

The traditional one Ghent Festivities Debates of Trefpunt will also continue again. But without an audience. The Noose Bearers go out and do their classic tour this year on Friday 23 July. Not past a crowd of yelling Gentenaars, but through a live stream on the internet and Pierke Pierlala holds a 'koenfeeranse'. Every Sunday there is café chantant with Noël and Charlène at the Galgenhuisje and 'Jantse, Ubert and Wim' spend five days in Kolegem.

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sun or rain, the boats of Ghent are a must
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