The holiday crowds at Schiphol are back, but still far from the level of 2019. At that time, the peak was at 235.000 travelers per day, which is now around 120.000 travelers. The rows are about the same length, because there are more checks with test and vaccination certificates.

Unlike a few months ago, when there was virtually only essential travel, travelers are now visibly happy to travel again. "The holiday joy is clearly back, you see many happy faces and there is cheerfulness in the rows," says a Schiphol spokesperson. The expectation for the coming weeks is that the crowds will remain as it is now, with an average of about 120.000 travelers per day. “But it depends on any new travel advice.”

Passengers must show their test or vaccination certificate with a QR code or on paper. “In general it runs smoothly, sometimes there are travelers who don't have anything with them. They can then still be tested at Schiphol with a rapid test," explains the spokesperson. As a result, travelers occasionally miss their plane. Schiphol therefore continues to advise passengers to have everything in order before arrival at the airport.

Because it is not always possible to keep 1,5 meters away in the rows, mouth caps are mandatory. "It also makes a difference that everyone who comes to the airport is in principle vaccinated or has a negative corona test," said Schiphol's spokesman. There are also many so-called transfer passengers at the airport. These are travelers from abroad, often on intercontinental flights, who transfer at Schiphol. “There are more non-Dutch people than Dutch people at Schiphol,” the spokesperson said.

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the holiday crowds at Schiphol are back, but still far from the level of 2019.
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