Due to the floods, the Limburg region has been labeled a disaster area. Due to this emergency, carriers and truck drivers may not always be able to adhere to the applicable driving and rest times. That is why the ILT has decided to temporarily extend the driving and rest times, which will apply until Monday 2 August. The sector organizations and the police have now been informed about this.


Is there an emergency? In that case, a Member State may announce temporary relaxation regarding the application of driving and rest times. In this way, auxiliary troops can carry out their transport as much as possible/continuously. Drivers of, for example, trucks for the transport of rubble or aids can drive optimally to and from the disaster area

Content exception

The temporary extension of driving and rest times in the Limburg disaster area applies to Articles 6 to 8 of Regulation 561/2006. This contains the standards for the daily and weekly driving and rest times. Drivers use a tachograph and driver card, with the option 'out of scope' set in the tachograph. This makes it clear that the driver drives outside the regular driving and rest times. This option can be enabled via the tachograph menu and must be re-enabled when changing a driver card. Of course, any driver who has made use of this exception must have had his regular, daily or weekly rest period before resuming regular transport activities. inspection of living environment and transport.

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