Trevvel is looking forward to transporting customers in Capelle a/d IJssel as a new carrier from 1 August. Meanwhile, most customers have already received the welcome pack containing the new Trevvel pass that is necessary for booking travel. Due to the expansion in Capelle aan den IJssel, Trevvel is also looking for drivers for Capelle and Rotterdam. The target group transport in Capelle was recently carried out by De Vier Gewesten.


The Rotterdam transport company Trevvel won the European tender for social-recreational transport, transport to day care locations and student transport. The start in Capelle aan den IJssel means a significant expansion.

“This involves approximately 400 extra journeys per day for student transport and about 200 more for social-recreational transport. There are also trips to and from daytime activities. We are pleased with such a challenging new assignment and the confidence that the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel has placed in us. We have worked very hard in recent weeks to ensure that from 1 August in Capelle we can achieve the high level of service that travelers have come to expect from us.”

Director Arno van Haasterrecht

Since the beginning of 2018, Trevvel has been providing transport for the elderly, disabled and students who cannot travel independently in Rotterdam. An enormous job that is carried out satisfactorily by many enthusiastic employees every day. The Capel city council reports in a letter to the council that it has contacted the municipality of Rotterdam. He stated that the service scores high and that Trevvel carries out the transport to the satisfaction of the users and the municipality of Rotterdam. 

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The planning software used for this comes from the Eindhoven Pitane Mobility


The Rotterdam transport company is leading, innovative and sustainable. Trevvel recently replaced all of its 165 diesel buses, including some wheelchair buses, with cleaner ones. Since mid-June you can see the electric vans with the 'environmentally friendly superman' driving through Rotterdam. By deploying smart techniques and continuous innovation at its control center, Trevvel knows better than anyone how to deal with a large transport area such as Rotterdam. The planning software that is used for this comes from the Eindhovense Pitane Mobility. In addition, the company invested in an app, customer portal and speech technology.

Captain Trevvel

The buses are very recognizable. On the side of the bus is a plaque with a superman named Captain Trevvel. The bus can travel 300 kilometers before it has to be charged at the charging station. The vehicles are more comfortable, new and quiet. There is no shortage of charging points because the municipality of Rotterdam installs the charging stations close to the drivers' homes. Despite all the investments and innovation, the journey costs for the company's customers remained the same. 

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On the side of the bus is a picture with a superman called Captain Trevvel
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