About 167.000 electric scooters are driving around in the Netherlands, market researcher Multiscope reports based on research among thousands of Dutch people. That seems like a considerable number, because in many cases it is not allowed to drive on public roads with the scooters. The government has not yet given permission for this. Nevertheless, the device is becoming increasingly popular. According to the researchers, about 72.000 people would like to buy an electric scooter before the end of the year.

"Almost all e-scooters that you see on the streets in the Netherlands and abroad are prohibited on public roads in the Netherlands," can be read on the ANWB website. Electric scooters, skateboards and segways are only allowed on the road if the government has designated them as a 'special moped'. Only a few brands would meet that requirement. According to the ANWB, the regulations will be amended and e-scooters will probably be allowed on public roads. That would be mid-2022 at the earliest.

The rules regarding this type of electric vehicle were tightened up earlier after the fatal accident with the also electrically powered stint in Oss in 2018. As a result, stricter requirements are set for, among other things, the brakes of special mopeds.

In total, according to Multiscope, about 3 percent of the Dutch have a light electric vehicle, which includes all electrically powered vehicles except bicycles. A large part of those devices concerns e-scooters. Electric scooters and vehicles such as the Segway are also relatively in use.

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