The pilot project to deploy taxis in the Veurne region during school days is a success. The use of taxis therefore meets the real demand within the dial-a-bus area of ​​De Lijn with stops in Veurne, De Panne and Alveringem

Two local taxi companies guarantee that a vehicle is available. According to Focus & WTV  turns out to be a success now. In the first five months of the year, these taxi vehicles transported 765 travelers who would otherwise not be able to be helped by the traditional dial-up bus due to maximum occupancy. In the time block between 15:30 PM and 16:30 PM, most taxi rides (38%) are made in the dial-a-bus area.

"When we know that the dial-a-bus exchange registers an average of 1.500 reservations every month, we can conclude that the use of taxi vehicles increases the effective number of bus passengers by 10%. In the morning and evening peaks, even one third more travelers are transported ( + 33%). It is clear that the use of these taxi vehicles meets a real demand in the dial-a-bus area."

Mayor and Co-Chair of the Transport Region Peter Roose

Since the beginning of this year, a taxi has been running in the dial-a-bus area of ​​Veurne to reinforce the classic dial-up bus during the school days during the morning and evening peaks. The project came about at the request of the Westhoek transport region, to which De Lijn is cooperating. This is a one-year pilot project. A driver will be deployed with a vehicle per day. The taxis are used on school days during peak times from 7 am to 9 am and between 15.30 pm and 18.30 pm. 

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