The owners of the company behind Car Driver Deals have been declared personally bankrupt. The Limburg court has also declared the brothers Geert and Jan Golsteijn from Maria Hoop and Stevensweert personally bankrupt. This means that they no longer have access to their own possessions and money. GnP Maasdal Concepts BV in Maasbracht was also declared bankrupt. Earlier on 15 July 2021, Atvangarde BV was declared bankrupt after Huiskes Kokkeler Autolease BV filed for bankruptcy.

Car Driver Deals has been in heavy weather since the beginning of June after the lease cars were collected from approximately three thousand customers. The payment arrears already arose last year, as a result of which the company has outstanding payments at probably fifty rental companies. We knew more through one of the former staff, visiting our Pitane Blue editorial team information to inquire about practices. 

pyramid scheme

The system looks like a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is a system in which participants make an investment and also try to persuade others to participate, after which the investment of the newcomers is used to meet the obligations of existing customers, to lease and transfer cars. The deposit usually varies from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros. The deposit of those who are recruited goes to those above them in the pyramid. One of the former owners of Car Driver Deals refused to hear any statements about fraud.

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cars are recovered en masse
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