The KNV is sounding the alarm with its members to prevent employers from having to repay the support they have received. On October 31, 2021, the deadline for requesting the final calculation with regard to the first application period is NOW. According to the trade association, it is advisable to be alert to this, because if employers do not request the final calculation in time, this can lead to a repayment of the entire advance. However, research by UWV shows that so far only 37,4% of employers in the transport and logistics sector have requested the final calculation.

pay back

The UWV study shows that 2.777 of the 4.436 employers in the transport and logistics sector have yet to request their final calculation. For the emergency support that employers received in the first support period, employers can request a final calculation until 31 October 2021.

"There is still time. But employers who do not apply for the final calculation run the risk that they will run into problems later. No definitive calculation means that the allowance is set at zero and you therefore have to repay your entire advance. That is what we want. So the fact that we are now at only 37,4% is worrying."

Janet Helder, board member at UWV

Busy at accountants

Employers who need a third-party or auditor's report have an additional problem. According to Helder, it is extremely busy at bookkeepers and accountants at the moment. That is why it is really important that employers know that they have to take action themselves and that they have to get started now.

37% unaware

Of the employers who have not yet submitted an application, 44% indicate that they are still collecting documents or are waiting for the third-party or auditor's statement. About 15% say they consciously wait. But 37% of employers do not take any action, because they are not sufficiently informed that they themselves have to request the final calculation.

Help for employers

Employers can request their final calculation since October 7, 2020 and the application must be submitted before October 31, 2021. The final calculation is necessary to determine to which definitive compensation the employer is entitled. For this purpose, the actual wage bill and the actual loss of turnover are examined. What an employer has to do to request a definitive calculation is what UWV has on this information page explained. UWV helps employers on their way by means of explanatory videos, step-by-step plans and simulation tools. It is also possible to call UWV Phone NOW on 088 – 898 20 04. You can request a final calculation. ..

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