Traditionally, in the summer period, NS announces the boarding and alighting per station for an average working day. For 2020, the impact of corona on passenger numbers will be enormous. Unfortunately, NS cannot therefore speak of fastest risers this year, but mainly of strongest fallers and least strong fallers. The picture at station level corresponds to the national picture. There are no increases compared to 2019. The sharpest decrease is Schiphol Airport station (-70%) because air traffic also decreased sharply due to the crisis. This is followed by Tilburg University (-66%) and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena (-65%), which many students and event visitors respectively use.

NS has retained the most passengers at the stations in Zeeland and Flevoland. The largest station remains Utrecht Central with more than 87.000 people on and off, Amsterdam Central is directly below with more than 79.000. The smallest station where only NS runs is Soest with more than 100 passengers on and off the train.

rural image

The total number of trips on an average working day in 2020 is approximately 591.000 trips. This is a decrease of more than 55% compared to 2019 when there were 1,35 million trips. This decrease applies to both peak and off-peak periods. We see the largest decreases during rush hour. January and February were still slightly above the level of 2019. The restrictive measures and advice, including 1,5 meters away and working from home, affect travel behavior and train use. In periods of strict lockdown, trains continued to run with a modified timetable, but passenger numbers were less than 15% of the level of 2019. NS the number of travelers is increasing.

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strongest decline is Schiphol Airport station (-70%)
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