This summer, Ghent will be revived: the terraces are open, the atmosphere is optimal and the shopping streets are ready for customers. Give local traders and catering industry a boost and participate in the trade-in campaign that De Lijn is setting up together with PUUR Gent. Thanks to the summer line card, mcard10 summer (unfortunately sold out due to great success) and summer season ticket, you can travel carefree by bus and tram. Have you used up your summer ticket completely? Then you can run to one of our Ghent Lijnwinkels until October 15, 2021 and exchange your summer ticket for one of the 2000 vouchers. So be quick is the message! This voucher exists partly thanks to PUUR Gent, is worth 10 euros and you choose yourself at which merchant you use it.

cycling mecca of Flanders

While Antwerp is at the top of all international lists of bicycle-friendly cities, Ghent continues to declare itself the cycling city of Flanders. And not entirely unjustified, because one thing is clear from the start, you have to have the guts to keep the cars out in the city centre. With the introduction of the circulation plan, it has been forbidden to cross Ghent by car for four years now. Many parking spaces were also deleted to make Ghent as unfriendly as possible for visitors who come to visit by car. If you want to come to Korenlei by car to spend the night at the Marriott Hotel, you can reach it via Drabstraat and park in the deep cellars of the hotel. You then pay EUR 40 extra per night for your stay.

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look out on the Koornmarkt for the tram
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