The Haringvliet bridge in the A20 will be largely closed from Friday, August 21, 00:23 p.m. to Monday, August 05, 00:29 a.m. Rijkswaterstaat is going to install various traffic measures, such as signs and barriers, because of the speed reduction to 50 kilometers per hour that will apply from 23 August.

To be able to do this safely, the bridge will be closed during this work. Towards Rotterdam, the bridge will be closed all weekend. Towards Bergen op Zoom, the bridge will be partially open during this weekend closure from 08:00 am on Saturday morning until 20:00 pm on Saturday evening. The parallel lane will remain open for (moped) cyclists, agricultural traffic and emergency services. During the closure, we advise road users to follow the diversion routes.

New speed limit

Monday morning, August 23, 2021 from 05:00 a.m. a new maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour will apply on the Haringvlietbrug. In addition, the lanes have been narrowed in both directions. For the safety of the bridge, rapid measures are needed to reduce the vibrations caused by (heavy) traffic. Reducing the speed helps with this. The reduced speed and narrowed lanes are intended to allow safe use of the bridge until the valve is replaced in 2023.

The narrowed lanes create an unexpected road situation. Rijkswaterstaat asks road users to adapt their driving style accordingly. Although 2 lanes will remain open in both directions, traffic jams can occur due to the lower speed and narrower lanes. Especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

Advice to road users

Advice to road users is to travel well prepared. Check the current travel information before departure, travel outside rush hours as much as possible, work from home where possible or choose an alternative route. If you do travel over the Haringvlietbrug, make sure you keep to the speed limit. For your safety and that of others. It is maintained.

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Haringvliet Bridge, South Holland
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